Fabric Swatches

Pollycotton will probably remind you of denim material. This is a fabric made from a blend of cotton and artificial fibers, especially of polyester. Our Polycotton blends (65%/35%) are strong, durable and tear resistant. This is mainly due to the fact that polyester fibers are far more elastic than cotton alone. However, thanks to the cotton component, blends are very abrasion resistant and far more breathable than pure polyester. All our pollycotton fabrics are responsibly sourced from New Zealand Suppliers. 

Used for work suits, slow falling suits and swoop shorts.
Taslan might remind you of board-shorts. It is a modern, high-tech, woven polyester fabric. It is a strong, durable fabric, ideal for gear you may want to train in every day of the week. It’s also very quick drying and able to wick moisture away from the body quickly and efficiently, so you don’t get all sweaty. In skydiving it is considered a faster falling fabric than Pollycotton and it holds its colour very well. Our taslan fabrics are responsibly sourced from New Zealand Suppliers. 

Used for Freefly Suits or slower falling flatfly suits
Nylon is very similar to ZP material your parachute is made of. It’s a low drag, fast falling, slippery fabric usually associated with flatfly suits. All our Nylon fabrics are responsibly sourced from New Zealand Suppliers. 

Used in Flatfly Suits
Spandex and Cordura
Spandex is the stretchy stuff we use for most backs, gussets and Flatfly suit arms. We get all our spandex from a USA supplier and although we can get a wide range of colors, we don’t carry that many in stock. Speak to us for specific color choices. We will always recommend a color that will look awesome with the rest of your choices.

This is the good stuff we put on knees and butts. It’s similar to the stuff your rig is made of and lasts very well. We try to use 1000d cordura as much as possible. Your rig (Unless its a Mirage) is probably 500D. Where we can we source our cordura from New Zealand suppliers, but because of the limited colours available here, we are forced to get some of from the USA.

We aim to match our cordura closely to both the polycotton, Nylon and taslan colours. We are currently limited to the following colours though:

Green, Yellow, White, Red, Bottle, Olive, Navy, Royal Blue, Grey, Black.

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